Songs on Umesh Chandra


Several songs were written extolling the bravery, honesty, integrity, and caring qualities of Umesh Chandra. Some of these songs also depict his life. Many songs depict his deeds. Some songs express anguish at the loss.

All these songs are sung in Telugu and extoll Umesh Chandra's qualities that raised his stature in the districts he served. Some songs express sorrow at the tragedy and wish Umesh Chandra was with them.


chukkallo chandrudamma, maa umeshchandra
prati okkariki bandhuvanna, maa umeshchandra



johaar! johaar! umeshchandra johaar!
amara veera IPS druva taara johaar!



ekkada unnavo maa umeshchandruda
ningi nela tongi chusi chukkallunnava


chadalavada vamsamlo puttina ma chandra
aanaati chirunavvedayya


cuddapah prajala mannanalu pondina
machaleeni chandrudavu niivayya


maa chandrudaedunnado
chirunavvulu chindinchi premantaa panchi
maa chandrudaedunnado


mana kosam, mana vuuri kosam
mana kosam, mana vaada kosam
chadalavada umeshchandra sevalenno cesaadayyai




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