Umesh Chandra's Childhood

An active young man surrounded by friends.

Umesh Chandra was the eldest son of Chadalavada Venugopal Rao and Nayanatara. His paternal grandfather was Sri Umamaheshwara Rao, former Justice Party leader. His maternal grandfather was Sri Tummala Jaganmohan Rao. He was a shy boy who was liked by one and all. The following photograph was taken when he was four years old.

Umesh Chandra has an extended family. Every one showered him with great love and affection. The following photograph shows his parents and siblings.

Umesh Chandra studied in Hyderabad Public School until grade 12. He was a bright, studious lad who was well liked by his classmates as well as his teachers. His second grade photograph is shown below.

His paternal grandfather Sri Chadalavada Umamaheshwara Rao was the leader of Justice Party of India, and served the society selflessly. After hearing many stories about his grandfather, Umesh Chandra imbibed the same ideals of service which he exhibited and espoused abundantly in his career as a police officer. 

Also being the eldest grandson of Sri Tummala Jaganmohan Rao, he was lavishly showered with love and affection by his grandparents, aunts and uncles. Umesh Chandra imbibed the same attitude and showered great love and affection on his sister, brother and cousins. He showed respect towards his elders and affection towards all.

The following photograph shows Umesh Chandra with his brother Satish Chandra (right) and sister Kavita.

The following photograph shows Umesh Chandra at age 5. 

The following photograph shows Umesh Chandra with his brother Satish Chandra. 


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