Umesh Chandra in Hyderabad

Umesh Chandra started his next assignment in November 1998 after being unjustly suspended for the maximum possible period of six months. Umesh Chandra took over the post of A.I.G Sports and Welfare. For someone who was accustomed to dealing with and solving peoples problems on an continuous basis, this assignment was found to be insipid and dull by Umesh Chandra. He was kept idle, no work was assigned to him, no files were sent to him. This attitude of his senior police officials caused Umesh Chandra great mental agony. He  contemplated resigning from the police force on several occasions.

When the additional charge of computer center management was entrusted to Umesh Chandra, he regained some of his enthusiasm and brought up a fully functional networked computer center in a short span of three months. He surprised the top police brass by making everything ready in a record time, just in time for the elections. He initiated and directed the development of a website and associated software that managed police logistics for the then elections. He also took care of the staff in the computer center by providing them with a state-of-the-art kitchen and dining hall.


Umesh Chandra had been near the top of the hit list of naxalites from very early in his career. Not only was Umesh Chandra deprived of work, but he was also not provided adequate security cover and suitable transportation that is due someone who has worked in naxal sensitive areas. Umesh Chandra paid for the only gunman out of his own pocket.

Umesh Chandra's lack of security emboldened the naxalites to target him. This situation was a result of the insecurities and jealousies of the top police officials. These officials operated within a system that could not deal with a person of Umesh Chandra's stellar capabilities and efficiency.

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