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Ramanji writes:
I am native of Pulivendula where Mr Umesh Chandra worked as ASP.

I have no words to express his work in my native place the way he controlled the factionits really wondered. Since normal people have fears of death from factonists they required a police officer for their security and peaceful life whom we found in Mr. Umesh Chandra. Loss of sir was great loss to the state, police department and for us. We pray for him. I am thankful to you for opening this web site.

Murali & Subba Raju write:
This is Murali, the childhood friend of Umesh, it is very unfortunate and tragic news of Umesh's death. I am sure we are missing him a lot, as a childhood friend of Umesh, I know him pretty well from childhood, such a nice person, used to play cricket, marbles all other games, specially watching TV along with your family on weekends. I can't forget the days we used to enjoy.

It was a tragic death after sacrificing his life to the people.

A reader with the handle mahi_2000 writes:
The people of Andhra Pradesh will never forget this brave hero who made them to say 'things possible'.

The dirty human beings who doesn't even like their own lives, whose brains are damaged at birth can not stop the people of Andhra and the people of India say 'UMESH CHANDRA,YOU WILL LIVE IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER'.

Praveen Chakravarty writes:
I am a resident of Kukatpally, Hyderabad. I was just passing by Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar after half an hour of that tragic incident. Now I am in Philadelphia, U.S. in Temple university School of Law, doing my LL.M. even after one year..when I think back I still get that tragic feeling when I saw the "great hero" laying on the earth unshaken and confident. All my family memebers were in deep sorrow when this incident took place..and I still remember when everyone around me were finding faults with the govt and PWG.

I take this oppurtunity to give a message that..our devotion towards such a great man should not be spelt in mere words but shown in the way of serving the nation in the best possible way (as done by him) and fighting against the terrorism.

Jai hind!!

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