Umesh Chandra in Warangal

Umesh Chandra started his training as A.S.P in Warangal under the guidance of Mr. Gautam Sawang, the then S.P. Warangal.

Even as a trainee, he planned and participated in several operations againsts the naxalites. He was involved in several exchanges of gunfire with many naxalite "dalams". He apprehended and successfully converted several violent and hard-core naxalites.

As a result of his actions, he gained admiration and loyalty of his subordinates during this training period. This converted later to adoration and affection. He took great care of all his police subordinates.

After training, he was posted back in Warangal district as A.S.P. rural. He continued his war on the naxalite gangs with daring and panache. The highly successful public awareness campaign entitled "Jana Jaagruti", to counter the naxal propaganda was Umesh Chandra's brainchild. This innovative project immensely helped the police in educating the common folk, and gaining their trust. The people no longer looked upon the police as hindrances, but as partners in the betterment of society.

This project aroused  patriotic feelings among the police and built great self-confidence amongst them. As a result they became a very efficient force, yet were humane in their dealings with the people.

Umesh Chandra in his office

Umesh Chandra at Gangadhar Memorial Cricket Tournament

Umesh Chandra presenting awards at Gangadhar Memorial Cricket Tournament

Umesh Chandra at farewell for S.P. Gautam Sawang

Umesh Chandra with his staff


After a brief stint in Pulivendla, Cuddapah district, Umesh Chandra returned to Warangal as Officer on Special Duty. With the cooperation of the then S.P of Warangal Sudeep Laktakia, Umesh Chandra intensified his operations on naxalites, thereby becoming a prime target.

Umesh Chandra was able to see the "Jana Jaagruti" programme yield positive results. The people became bold enough to assist the police in dealing with naxalites and anti-social elements. This strategies in combatting naxalism started yielding better results.

The level of confidence amongst people and police in Umesh Chandra rose to a new high. Even members of naxalite gangs approached Umesh Chandra and helped combat naxalism by informing on the various activities of naxal gangs.

Umesh Chandra in his office


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